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Cast away

Rooster in sync with the sun's rise a day. A shower an shave no time to waste, six days have past, the seventh will be to free up my conscience with an envelope stuffed. Rope is in tug as the brass beckons all. Six days before an last nights recall. At least my spots bought by one day a week in sunday of gather an minister speak. I feel so much better now sin is forgave, six days to go for the seventh again~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
I live directly across from a church, every sunday i'm reminded of how some live all week to repent on sundays.

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Comments (12)

All th' good people say "Amen!" Forgive me father for I have sinned, ag'in and ag'in and ag'in and ag'in! grin
Lol free, thats the ticket that many buy eh. Thanks for your comment:)
trurorobonline today!
So many 40 minute christians J, still each to thier own, you have a good eye!
the seventh the best day for sin, because he's so preoccupied at 'home'. laugh nice write, bentlee!
Lol Hi Rob, so true it is:) ty for commenting. I've heard if one is to live for the sunday's covered shell, the other 6 pave's around the entry to hell.
Lol gashly there are many houses to visit on a sunday eh. However nothing goes unnoticed. Ty for your comment:)
bentlee, i like the title and the double entendre of it. still we all have to walk our own path, I just can't not sin it seems. thanks!
lol good guy, at least ur drivin eh. It's the ones with the wrong hearts in my reference. Cheers an good on ya lol.
yea, i get you bentlee, that's the kind of thought that wormed it's way into my brain since i was a teenager waiting for logic to catch up, put 2 and 2 together and come up with being agnostic!

nicely written, thumbs up thumbs up bouquet bouquet
Ty Lady, a bit of a tug growin up eh, indifference, opinions, beliefs etc. At least we can know what we do carve's our way:) ty for your thoughts shared:)
Hi Bentlee, My parents taught us we could talk to god anywhere, without a minister or a church. (or a stuffed envelope).I always thought that was the right way angel devil flower
Ty for commenting Luvu an I agree with that as well. Combined with 7 days equal to all the other 7's one lives in life, morally of course:)
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