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why and wherefores

Water emptied into cloud
throw a spear into sky
man is born with many questions
all of them begin with why

cloud with water now is carried
over all the land around
questions, answers are falling
like the rain upon the ground

spear is the question why
raindrops nourish our thirst
and as vapour new ascending
questions follow up and why

some say if we have all answers
we will never learn
for our life is made of substance
questions, answers to make firm

life the maze of mystery
somethings clear some are not
someday we will change the wording
not the why, but now is what
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010

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Comments (2)

I know what and I know why. Now if I just knew who and when... Nice write! beer
now i think you have a poem right there the reply....when and where..thanks.
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