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I don’t know you, you don’t know me, just a picture and some choice words for all those singles in the world to see
Peoples time is money on that we can all agree so thirty seconds of there life is all that they can spend on me
In that thirty seconds how on earth can we portray all the feelings that we carry way down inside us every day
Perhaps by looking at your photo and staring at your eyes they can sense the hurt your hiding from the day your grandma died
If there really good at reading they can see between the lines just how much love you’ve given others in your time
We want to show are feelings so in the words we write we try but every day the inbox is empty and it makes you want to cry
Most of us are guilty of this dating cardinal sin but we judge the profiles picture before we even begin
If only we could take a picture of our soul and post it in this place then the world would see the real you and not just another face
But loneliness is awful so we choose to take the chance that by leaving our selves open someone will request that we dance
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
My thoughts on my owm profile

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wyo66: Outstanding poem! You have summed up the whole internet dating bag in something around a paragraph...and rhymed it too! Judging by your must be a midwestern poet! Well done dude. ;-)
Very heartfelt, wyo66. Bless,

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by Unknown
on Sep 2010
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