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eternal springs of water

The cool looking blue lake lay still and peaceful
around the mountains looked down on her
while all around the trees and grassy bank
lay still, restful, fresh the morning air

and into this quiet scene she stepped unrobed
into the water cool, refreshing, alone
the waterfall nearby poured out itself today
splashing down on the water, over the stones

sheltered by mountains to hide the view
covered by clouds to keep her sheltered
eternal springs fed her skin and body
and she kept her youth when she went there

hair so raven wet and dripping
eyes so blue as was the water
a small deer looked on
dove landed on the tree branches

the sunshine waited to dry her body
the cloud were on hand to be her cloak
until she reached her dress of yellow
a buttercup with shades of green
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010

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Wonderful. I wish I were she and I wish I were there, sure signs of a good write!
CJthumbs up
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