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Seeing me

I am not so very much,
Just another so and such
I am really very small
But I try to give my all
Sometimes I do not see
All that I should be
I'm the darkness and the light
I have hearing, I have sight
I ‘m the shallow and the deep
For you to leave or so to keep
I am gentle I am strong
Maybe right and maybe wrong
Sometimes happy sometimes bleak
Just to me I seem unique
I am wild yet I am tame
Different yet the same
Another who’s name is she
Yet I’m the only one who’s me.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
So many needing their mate; so easy to think, 'she's nice, ok will do'. But she is herself and more.

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Comments (25)

carol this is a really excellent your descriptive language..i am wild yet i am tame..thumbs up
Very insightful write. I liked this one a lot. Thanks.
I enjoyed reading this poem! Thank you, Caroljoice :)
"I am gentle I am strong"
Wonderful work CJ..and OK will never do methinks.bouquet

Ljj angel
I'm thinking anyone who has read your poetry and comments knows what a unique individual you are. Kudos on the poem! wine
A lovely unique poem from yes you, carolteddybear
you must see more than you, for i see me somewhere in this write, too. though...not finding the mate who can say 'i'll do'...oh life. it's lovely, as you are. hug
C.J. - you always seem to gently get to the kindest heart of the are indeed a unique one, can you hear me? Thanks for all your offerings. ;-)
Love to read that Ms. Cj you are a truly kinded heart kiss
as anyone - you are what you are, you see what you see there is only the truth of it..hug
thumbs up thumbs up bouquet bouquet
Ego is the bar...ego is the way....Thanks CJ...another poem, like an arrow that pierces through the readers heart...
I loved this poem of yours; different but so true. Our uniqueness is what makes our world more interesting. Good work!

very interesting lady CJ,,you must be one kindhearted woman too....nice knowing you my dearbouquet very good read i hadbouquet
trurorobonline today!
Nice one Carol!
An excellent and powerful poem, CJ. I really enjoyed it.
The Soul that is yours is beautiful,so outspoken yet gentle,you are unique in your own special way and I love this.Bless you dear heart.angel thumbs up hug
Very nice CJ hug

To "the darkness and the light" and everything in between wine
"Another who’s name is she
Yet I’m the only one who’s me."

uniquely, Carol, very cool, thanks...
Not only a lovely poem CJ, I think it's well thought through and true....
I may have missed it first time around, but when I saw the title and your name flash across the top of my screen, just clicked it open without hesitation....wasn't disappointed...
Niah teddybear yay
I really like this CJ. Being Human we are capable of anythingwave
Dear CJ.
fabulous! bouquet
My bunny and me always seeing you.
I love this.
Thank you for sharing.
Have A wonderful day.
I 'see' you dear carol, lovely, thumbs up
Wow! That was just one great poembouquet
Hi CarolJoyce

This is a gentle, almost wistful write. You make your point so very well without a trace of anger. The poem scans very well.

Best wishes

Fellsman rose
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