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rage of sunset/ coffee n tea

morning dreams as we wake to our coffee n tea we talk all day long about life in another way to another world another place we go on and the rage of sunset lives as we talk and darkness comes over our heads and we dream until morning again we wake to another cup of coffee n tea
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010

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Comments (5)

john, another day in poetic bliss...this is one of your best writes! ;-)
thanks friend
This id life John, a never-ending talk. It remindes me of Beckett's:

A dog came in the kitchen
And stole a crust of bread.
Then cook up with a ladle
And beat him till he was dead.

Then all the dogs came running
And dug the dog a tomb
And wrote upon the tombstone
For the eyes of dogs to come:

A dog came in the kitchen....
hug i need more coffee my friend,good onethumbs up conversing
thanks friends coffee for jedah no problem
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