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The Island

The breeze blows in off the ocean and carries with it the smell of warm salt waters that have traveled thousands of miles just to crash into the sands of this beach. The sands them self are still warm from the sun although it is now night and the full moon hangs above like a giant eye peering down on this small island. Giant palm trees dot the landscape scattered here and there and on the ground beneath them lay the coconuts they have dropped. On the white sand the light of the moon reflects off of some of the more shiny sea shells like sparkling diamonds waiting to be gathered and inlaid into a golden band. A small crab makes its way quickly from one hiding spot to the next hoping to not be spotted by a passing sea gull.

In to this tranquil scene stroll a couple walking hand in hand along the white sands of the beach where the waves just reach there feet before retreating back to the ocean. Behind them there foot prints in the sand start to slowly disappear as wave after wave erase there passage through this sacred scene. In his left hand he caries a wicker basket, with his right he grips her hand softly like he is holding something precious that must be protected at all cost. He is of medium height and is dressed in blue shorts that go almost to his knees and a t-shirt he bought at the tourist shop by the hotel where they stay. She is slightly shorter than him and very slender, she is wearing a snow white bikini top and red shorts that cover her white bikini bottom. They are both tan having been kissed by the sun and the moonlight shines off there brown skin giving them both a warm glow.

They walk until they are next to a palm tree near the water, then looking around to make sure they are alone they stop as he reaches into the basket and pulls out a small blanket. He spreads it on the ground and then taking her hand he helps as she sets down and then he joins her, setting next to her on the blanket he has spread. Without speaking he again reaches into the basket and pulls out two crystal glasses with long steams and a bottle of wine, and then lastly he pulls out a single rose. He places the rose to his lips and gives it a gentle kiss before handing it to the lady setting beside him. She looks into his eyes as she moves it to her nose and takes a deep whiff of the flowers sweet aroma, a smile passes across her mouth as she continues to look into his eyes. Breaking her gaze he turns to the bottle of wine, opening it with the bottle opener he had remembered to bring, and then pouring it into the crystal glasses. Handing her one he says ? ??? and they touch the glasses together before each taking a small sip of the sweet wine.

As they hold there glasses they are once again looking into each others eyes in the dim light of the moon, then with the arrival of the warm breeze again he leans in and gives her a very deep passionate kiss that she returns with fervor……………………………….
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
This is probabley more a short story but it has a poetic feel so I posted it, if I screwd up let me know, thx

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Thanks for sharing this sincerely vivid scene which any lover longs for. A very nice poetic prose!
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