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Go Ask Alice

Right through the looking-glass we go,
Perhaps to shrink, perhaps to grow.
To see what's on the other side,
And find what these reflections hide.

A rabbit white with tie, a bow,
Oh where did all the minutes go?
The dormouse fast asleep will be,
When we at last sit down to tea.

Those mocking turtle tears will drip,
Limp mallets will be hard to grip.
The red queen in a rage will cry,
"A crimson coat, or heads will fly!"

With Alice we'll meet friend and foe,
When through that magic pane we flow.
In case of bandersnatch attack,
Our vorple blades will snicker snack.

You know for fun you're overripe,
When Carroll's talking through his pipe.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
To Lewis Carroll

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Comments (18)

YAAAY!!! how i adore wonderland. (hard to believe, no? laugh ) clever as always, FAL...and i may use that line myself: a crimson coat or heads will fly! bloody stellar and carroll is grinning, i'm sure! cheers
laugh clever and funny loved it cheers
nice poem free
wine wine wine
Feels like Wonder Land here applause applause
Nice one My Dear wine

Thanks Gashly! The phrase "through the looking glass," just popped into my head and expanded into this... a puff or smoke.grin
Awesome free...goes with the whole "alice and wonderland" scene getting tattooed on my back...cheers
Thanks Redex! Carroll was a trip!
Thanks Ladybee! Carroll "chased the dragon" right into Wonerland, and gave us a whole new world to play in...
Simply brilliant Freeatlast! I love this one.. I really do... You really do have a special talent there my friend.. applause cheering teddybear bouquet wine
What a Fab write Freeatlast wine
Always loved L. Carroll's work..and you have captured the characters of Alice so well.

Happygolucky4uonline today!
I had to read this because Alice was in the title and Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories. So needless to say I am pleased.teddybear
Thanks Ladybee! wine beer
Thianks QuietStorm, LJJ and HGL! Enjoyed the trip to Wonderland and all the great comments from my fellow fans of Lewis Carroll. wine wine wine wine wine wine wine
Go Ask Alice,

Think of of Jefferson Airplane song..
Then I started reading ,,I was wrong!!!!
Nice Poem FAL

really brilliant work alice we ll meet friend or foe...good usual...
Thanks Ginger, for your kind words and for dredging this old one up... hug
niah9online today!
This is so clever...just had to bring it back....
nothing like fairy tales.....great write Free...
Thanks Niah! Carroll's opium dreams were fantastic!
And thank you too, Serpico.
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