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???Dont know

The creator of life that made me feel real
cannot now repair or make me to heal
for nothing is right and no one to see
the feelings are gone from deep within

All outward appearance soo calm and
serene, disguise the real truth,
I'm not what I'd been,
It's all been soo fickle, played tricks
on the mind, the one who has power
is the one I can't find,

So how does it end and where will
I go, find a beginning, how will I
The mystery of life will never be
known, mistakes from the past
the crop that was sown, come back
to haunt, to torture and flaunt, the
truth will be known, its mystery
revealed, enclosed in a casket
permanentenly sealed.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010

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I enjoyed your nice poem, Last Mohcan! You know better than me that you'll surely find "the one who has power".
Thanks for sharing your feelings.
Look within, dear boy.

Until you look within, you live without
When you look within, you are able to go without.....
When you enrich within, you are all right within and without.

Master Kuthumi
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