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The End

I reached out to you.. and yet you were not there..
Like the branches swinging softly,swaying in the wind..
Like withered leaves you toss my heart unto the ground,
But you don't really know how..
To pick up the pieces as they
clutter the ground..
You've no idea how to bow or bend..
You have no idea how to begin..
Let alone end..
You'd rather retreat, back to the wall..
But if we can't stand together then, we may as well fall.
But we'll never know..
What might have been..
And we'll never begin...
If we don't end.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
Walking away.. to be continued...

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Comments (14)

Haunting and enigmatic! wine
Waiting impatiently to see this end and that start.
Thank-you Freeatlast..teddybear
Thank-you Scholargypsy... but the world may never know! lol..cheering teddybear bouquet
And a Quiet storm it is, hug Hopefully a circle
methinks, a little give and take, would make the bough stronger, lovely poem.
popcorn i decided to bring a i feel we're waiting for something that's not really coming!wine
nice write QuietStormF thumbs up thumbs up
bouquet bouquet bouquet
Thank-you Redex.. although just an idea that came to me from a real situation, but... mostly a work of fiction.... teddybear
Thank-you Gotitall.. and you are so right there... give and take.. two very essential elements in any relationship... :D teddybear
Alpha and Omega
Wonderful poem
Pleasant thoughts
Blessing and love always
wave gift angel
Thank-you Ladybee for commenting.. glad you brought a snack... sit back and relax... I've already walked away..never to look back.. cool teddybear bouquet
Thank-you Ironman... Alpah and Omega... well I am not so sure about that.. more a case of... Live and let live? In any case.. the point is I guess... sometimes we have to walk away... and then resolve to move on.. *hugs to you my friend *teddybear
trurorobonline today!
lovely write QSF!
hope you find this event turning for you ..hang in there Quietstorm if you can..til good times come back to you..
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