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what happened to us, when did we go so flat
wanting granite counters and floors parquet
with manicured lawns and all of that
the desire for more to always hold sway

driving 'round in houses on wheels
surrounded sound and high-def sight
with massaging fingers vibrating feels
deep in debt, awaiting traffic light

where is the curves and ups-n-downs
the holes and hills tangentially needed
no more dunces' hat and king's crowns
hard stresses of the days been conceded

do we need Chapman's Mountains O' Things
life is all up, the predictors lies
with all the toil and envy it brings
braced for hope upon desires unwise

when did life get so busily complicated
that there's no time to wave to neighbor
more 'n more stuff the end not abated
these things demand much and belabor

less is more i do implore, to say again
and cleaning out our vanity closets
can free the soul and break the chain
of stuffs bondage, we so often deposit

© agoodguy2have 2010-09-22
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
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Comments (10)

aye! too much stuff, ties us to this plain...hard to reach for the stars, it is. hmmm, sorry, slipping into yoda-speak. i concur. lose the baggage, people. can't tote it to the other side in a recycled bag, yo. consume=we are not what we own. cheers
trurorobonline today!
yes Dave, lets spend today what we dont have tomorrow!
Cool stuff this the whole bundle, loved it and of course so truecheers
Yep! so agree, had a clean out early last year, happy heart/soul and free dancing
Cool write GG thumbs up

Labour of life is a joy for the known, A sorrow for the unknown
Probably in the last 70 years and it has brought no happiness at all. Once aquired, stuff is hard to relinquish. Monastaries seem so attractive. I long for simplicity. Wonderfully written, intelligent piece but the clear out starts with you!

hmm! just thinking - just for mischief - you could have written this jazzy style, ya know? in maybe 4 lines as the rest of it is just literal clutter laugh laugh

sorry goodguy, it's a good write!thumbs up thumbs up
bouquet bouquet bouquet
"when did life get so busily complicated
that there's no time to wave to neighbor"

Sigh, how I miss that 'community'!!! Thanks for reminding us, that separation is the death of us all...
cheers thumbs up
Where, and why did we went wrong? Salute you!
Totally agree goodguy. I have minimized considerably in the last couple of years. My goal is to get to the point where all of my possesions will fit in my car, or be securely strapped to the roof. grin
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