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Deep Penetration

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Frankly s*xual in nature,
She's not shy, not in the least.
She opens herself fetchingly,
For my eyes on which to feast.

Her perfume intoxicates me,
Such a sweet and heady scent.
And I am sure that this allure,
Just for me alone is meant.

Oh, the brightest pink in color,
Her bold center standing proud.
She's inviting me to enter,
Where no other is allowed.

And so I hum a joyful tune,
As my point in her I run,
For to plumb her depths enticing.
My sweet Orchid, you're the one.

Of course, I am a hummmingbird,
With long pointed slender beak,
Who pierced the orchid's tender depths,
Her sweet nectar there to seek.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
What'd ya think it was about? :D

Revised to reveal. 09-23-2010 :D

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Comments (18)

Buzz Buzz Buzzy bee...sweet nectar you seek to drink from the flower that be?yay

Nicely scented Freeatlastgrin

Thanks LJJ! You're close...
a lot of erectile poetry lately, seems to be very much ''in vogue '' be it sweetly scented or otherwise, freeatlast, certainly one for the inquiring mind.
so much PG-13 happening around here, i may need a chaperone for my VIRGIN EYES!!! laugh extract mind from gutter, for a brief moment, hummingbird? or...hummingBEE...ever seen one? i killed one once, accidentally of course, but it frightened me! foreign-looking freak of Mothman's cousin...yikes!

nice PIECE, FAL, truly...sorry to ramble. cheers
You got it Gashly! applause Thanks!
trurorobonline today!
birds bees and flowers with the doble entendre thrown in as usual, I liked this FAL!
wine i love this free,,i never thought about anything else exept riddles and same as gashly,i was thinking of a bee,lol..nice one and more freeatlastapplause
A sweet Orchid of course Falrolling on the floor laughing Good onebouquet
Added a final stanza... laugh
rolling on the floor laughingThat will teach for jumping in with both feet tongue
Good ending and laugh for meyay
Added picture. Thanks Gashly for your help with this!yay
ROCK ON, you did it! *high five* though you should have found a picture of a hummingbee, to scare everyone... lol!
Thanks rob and jeddah! beer wine
rolling on the floor laughingvery good riddle poem like rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing make laugh like an idiot,lol when i saw the pics.grin doh doh cheers
Drinking the nectar of life, an ever changing poem, and feelings after each read, Very cleverteddybear
'ya had me fooled...', cool, thanks...
Thanks Redex and Earlgrey! Had fun with ths one.grin
Thanks again Gashly! wine
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