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The Road Ahead

The road ahead looks bleak,
as some unknown
plucks the piano's heartstrings.
From behind me
I can hear you breathe.

A suitcase under my arm,
all my wordly possessions,
the only things from my past
I take with me
on this dusty road.

I wont turn around to look at you
I promise myself inside.
Even as the sun sets
on this dry plain
and the coming darkness frightens me.

Th road ahead looks bleak,
bleaker still for I must travel it alone.
But decisions made
and fortune's spent
Time would not stay still.

A shadow across my face
hides my tears from those ahead
My back shields them from those behind
where you're standing
in the crowd.

ButI won't turn around to look at you
The sight would break my resolve
Even so
My legs turn leaden
with each step I take further.

The road ahead looks bleak
the bleakest it has ever been
The light of your presence missing.
But i can still
hear you breathe
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
im moving on. or at least i am trying to

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A very good write about courage; may you be healed soon,
I'm sure there are many that this will speak to. My own moving on was much more positive and I look forward to each day. Hope you will soon be doing the same. Kudos! beer
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