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Tell me ladies, cause I'd like to know,
Do you judge men by how they wear their socks?
Whether pulled up taut and aligned just so,
Or crumpled round their ankles like piles of rocks.

If tight and straight do they say to you,
an*l and prissy, show him to the door?
Or a snappy dresser, with a nice style too,
This is one I'd like to see some more.

If low and loose, do they tell to you,
A slob without style or grace?
Or a rakish sort and a fun one too,
Not just another pretty face.

And what of those who don't hear the call,
And socks they just abhor them?
Or do socks speak to you at all?
Perhaps you just ignore them.

So answer please, if you have a thought,
On socks and how guys wear 'em.
I'd like to know, a new pair I've bought.
Should I shove 'em down or square 'em?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
Maybe, as some have said, I really do have too much time on my hands...

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Comments (6)

laugh you forgot the gravest sin: socks with sandals!!! are your feet hot or cold? it doesn't make sense to me and i get puzzled by that combination...though i am not fussy, to each his own...but i'm not fond of them on myself...begrudgingly return to them when it gets cold outside. now FAL...please refrain from an underwear poem...cheers
I have never given them any thought, but I shall pay careful attention and let you know. I am very short so they will be about my level.

Thanks Gashly! Yeah, I've actually worn socks with sandals a time or two, only around the house though. Will be working on that underwear poem...
laugh lovely fun write, well I am into colour so my eyes would only be drawn to flashy pink!!! say. Enjoyed readingpeace
Lol CJ! Nobody's THAT short...
Thanks Redex! Don't have any pink socks, guess I'd have to wash a pair of white ones with a red shirt or something...
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