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~One Kodak moment ~

He slips to sixty seven at mere fourty age. Into his childhood of pushed away an rage. A shaped partial future of getting to know. Miles an miles of past pushed aside then walking away you admitted her jus now. Back now to fourty's of reality mind that love in the future of mind will I find. Ever so present. . . . felt.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
An expression of love that perhaps a man can feel, if growing up he never did an wonders when he will. Sharing a thought of how it may be.

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bentlee, it's there
Man or (women) Bentlee. Time only happens when you think about it realy. Smacked me in the face this one cheers
Ladybee42online today!
deep down everyone wants to be truly loved,
thumbs up thumbs up bouquet bouquet
Nice one Bentlee, someone once asked me when I was going to grow up.....My answer was that I hoped I never would, if it meant being miserable.......Andrew...
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