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It's amazing how memories flood our being
How are past has impaired our seeing

That we may not remember quite so accurate
As we attempt to recall how immaculate

Our live's were in the past.

But when forced to recall the truth
We sigh and are moved

By the experience of others that were so dear
We remember with a certain fear

How little we knew
And how much we abused

The one's we cared about
We cry and apologize for the doubt

That we had in their truth
I'm so glad I found her again and am so amused

How much we are the same
For she says, "...the only thing for sure is change"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
How we change in that how we recall the past.

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MyKey, nice poem, glad the vision b4 u has taken a new slant and u r able to see it, welcome. ;-)
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