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romance moonlight and mother in laws

Come walk with me
In the moonlight
On a beach by
The ocean so still
And walk hand in hand
On the silvery sand
A moment all
Lovers count grand

But promise me this
When we take our first kiss
That your mother
Will not be there
For as much as i try
To kiss you each night
She appears
Just out of thin air

But this is not a downer
on mother in laws
since for years
they get always bad press
they were somebodys date
in the moonlight too
romantic and loving also
but just for moment, please go.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010

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LOL.....Know what you mean....They are very good at haunting too, even when they become EX mother in laws.........Seriously though, a very nice poem, well written too,
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