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a tranquil place

I remember a farm
there in bala
in a valley
secluded, alone, silent
looking up to the hills
sheep grazed lazily
and further back
big mountains lay
keeping silent curfew

the still trees
the bladed fields
the distant hills
calling for restless souls
climb and taste of me
what lay in the distance
so up and on i went
as a small stream
rolled on downwards

my climb to a hilltop
opening a spectacular vista
below a large sleeping lake
watched over by mountains high
soon my eager footsteps
found me by the waters edge
stillness, natures eerie place
hidden from time it seemed
untouched by time itself

who saw this last i pondered
this respite place
where peace is born
guarded by tall blackness
looking on a human speck
i recall it so well
to rest here is honey sweet
this golden piece of nature
where tranquility is king
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010

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Comments (2)

i live in such a place, serpico, so i can appreciate your lovely poem, i live that beautiful reality every day.
thanks gotitall..such places are unique.
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