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When We Love

To those in love

looking for Love

and falling in Love

read well and always tell.

I've seen an angel down the road.

A blue eye in a rose.

I've felt warm in the cold.

Here and there I've always stood.

Looking for an angel in the wood.

Having Love as my food.

Now I know wt it's about.

To fall in love with the right

and tell what love is all about.

When we Love, feelings drop by.

When we Love, eyes are blind.

When we Love, hearts join a band.

When we Love, we hear a sound.

A rhythm that is, played by the heart.

When we Love, feeling's find a way.

Towards heavens, where angels lie there.

When we Love, it's never dark.

A glitter that lights the heart.

When we love, feelings are never apart.

Together we hold tight.

So, now you know what love is about.

A part of it but never the whole describe.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
Love is hard to find in this life, Love is sweet and without it we'll all be like stones ... I wanted to share with you all such sweet feelings and write smth about it I would like to feel inside one day.

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Comments (3)

love is sweet when you really find the right person you felt love too,,,nice write and goodluck to youapplause cheers
thx jeddah :) (F)
The best to you..

Good luck on your journey.

Ty for your sharing...

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