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Kink Shank

Mine eyes seek down


Gleaming, hanging hooks

Beasts of time
that all was consumed

Speared shuddering
I remember

There was just no room

A driven way, but not mine
anymore, any soon

Id rather dance and sing amongst the flowered blooms

Its spring now,
I shall wander sweetly to my lovers heart
what spell I imagine he gracefully looms

A sensuous walk and touch
through the hidden catacombes

And what is your abbattoir?

What have you left?

.......for dead............

What makes you pause

To look upon your dread

It held nothing new for me
but just a smell

Of where I shouldn't be

I closed the doors

Salt, I did not become

I went about my world

knowing its ME!

I'm my

Self........of.......... one

Just me

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
"For knowing within oneself, can only then, knowing its all about you................

For what you give out, you shall surely receive..

I am refreshed

A different bent, as usual.

My step dad was a fisherman for many years , i loved fishing


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Comments (9)

soph, it's brilliant, as always. reading you is like skipping down the staircase within one's soul. salt, we will never become. bouquet
trurorobonline now!
made me shudder a tad, very powerful write, nicely salted SS, or is that BB?
Rob x
(i went about my world knowing its ME) usual sophia a great piece of i picked out that one well put..great job thumbs up wave
Absolutely brilliant Sophia! Your usual, natural, style, and very profound. thumbs up bouquet hug
What a song that would be.

I think you have a special style all of your own, that only now I have begun to appreciate...liked it SS....Niahcheering
In true Sophia style,only you can write this way,thumbs up wine hug bouquet
In true Sophia style,only you can write this way,thumbs up wine hug bouquet
sophia, since a few popped this one to the top i see that i missed another impressive one, and learned a new word to boot...abbattoir. nicely killed. ;-)
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