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when it's my time?

Will I feel the pain of it all?
Will I feel, anything at all?
Will I see my family?
Will I see my friends?
Will I see at all, When Life Ends?

Will I be warm?
Will I be cold?
Will I turn young?Will I stay old?
Will I fear?
Will I cry?
Will I smile?
When I die?

I feel it now, Deaths embrace,
I feel God's Love, I can see his Face.
Here on Earth, Where I once roam,
It's time to leave,
For my Heavenly Home.

In the arms of an Angel,
I breathe my last,
I've left this world,
For I have Past.

Please don't cry,
Please no sorrow,
We shall meet again,
Shall we meet tomorrow?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
I wrote this after my brother in law passed away from losing his battle with liver cancer. I made me think about my own mortality and the unknown, when it's our time.

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Comments (3)

A fate we all have in store, signed up for at birth... beer
its a very sad poem and i feel it so much,god bless theehandshake cheers
that poem gave a shock to my heart. My favorite line is, In the arms of an Angel, I breath my last, I've left this world, For I have past. Wonderful, great job.


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