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To Rasputina

She calls her band Rasputina,
Melora Kreiger's the one.
Dressed in Victorian underwear,
Her shows are a lot of fun.

Electric rock cello she plays,
Pushing through Marshalls and loud.
Her lyrics are edgy and cool,
Knows how to work up a crowd.

Plays in New York now and then,
Touring costs too much these days.
Caught her show in St Louis once,
Man, does she rock when she plays!

So check her out if you've time,
Listen online if you would.
Her music is best listened loud,
Telling you, it's really good.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
The name caught my eye on a Ticketmaster calendar, so I had to check it out. Played in a smaller venue in St. Louis and I went. Got the t-shirt and her autograph. Huge fan!

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hey yeah, i've heard her's diggable enough, music-wise, but sometimes, her voice bugs me! laugh and effin' hell FAL, the louder the better. rock on.
Thanks Gashly! It figgers you'd be the one that's actually heard of her. We do have some of the same weirdnesses. The only album of hers that I really like is the live one, A Radical Recital. The studio stuff, in my opinion, is way overproduced. Yeah she gets kinda screechy at times, but overall I like her.
I know one singer with last name Rasputina (not in person hahaha). Not that "Her lyrics are edgy and cool" but she "knows how to work up a crowd" and there`s definitely some underwear involved hahaha Curious?! Have a look yourself:

Anyways, nice read, Freeatlast! wine
Thanks Summervanilla! And thanks for the cool link to the hot video. Guessing that the unpronouncable name translates to Rasputina...
Going to check her out on you-tube.

Thank you !!!!


P.S. NICE POEMsmitten
Thanks Ginger! Yeah, she's great! Hope ya like her! hug
that was a nice one too,fal..greatwine
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