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Best Friends

Their names were Butch, Huck and Max,
The best three dogs I've known.
Butch I knew at four years old
The other two when grown.

Butch was pitbull boxer mix,
As smart as he was strong.
Could say "I love you," plainly
I heard him, can't be wrong.

Our yard full of dogs one night,
I let him out to scare,
Down the steps flew like the wind,
Dogs flying ev'rywhere.

Disappeared one rainy night,
We figured for the ring.
I'm sure he was a winner cause,
Dog fighting was his thing.

Huck, another pitbull mix,
I think part kangaroo.
Could jump so high, almost fly,
And loyal through and through.

Had to give him up one day,
Apartment we did move.
Not an onside dog, not Huck,
He quickly showed to prove.

Gave him to a farmer friend,
He lived for many years.
Blind and deaf, by car was hit,
I did not hide my tears.

Max was German Shepherd mix,
And smartest of them all.
Saved grandaughter harm twice,
He answered ev'ry call.

Then he turned a biter at,
The ripe old age of ten.
Had to give him back to pound,
Hard tears I shed back then.

These noble beasts, loved them well,
Such treasured memories.
Who could not feel fortunate,
With best friends such as these.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
Waxing nostalgic, can't have a dog where I live now...

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Comments (11)

Very Good Very Sweet
Pitbulls were barred in this country once because of their temperament, though I am always of the opinion that it is mostly down to the owners. Nice story Free....well written too, Andrewcool
Great 'free'. Coming from a family of great dog lovers, that really hits hom. It's the kind of poem my sister would have stuck to her frig.. cafe
iam crazy over animals FREE and i love this poem about them,youre such a friend and theyre lucky to have you then.kudos my friend and have a happy weekendhug cheers applause
Nice story of your pets. Sorry you can't have one now. Thanks for sharing. Take care. teddybear
what a really thoughtful memory of pets..good writing..enjoyed the read
What a momento for the mans best always nice write FAL
Thanks Althea! Have had other four-legged best friends, but these three were special.
a great tribute, FAL. how much richer we are for having beasts to call friends. beer
Hi, freeatlast64847,
Our best friends are the ones that tame the beast within us. Kudos to Butch, Huck and Max! What a warm tribute to love shared!
had dogs all my life, still do, as i live in the mountains, quiet close to one particular dog lassie, when i was young, shed bitter tears when she died, could relate to this lovely poem, freeatlast.
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