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Spiritual Bond

What do you want me to do,to say, to be

I hear you say if I have to tell you,we are not meant to be

There is no one who can love you as I could

We meet and first impressions seal my fate

One day I will meet you and all fears will disappear

You will empower me as I will you,our love will be born

We will grow together now and forever,a oneness never known

Our bond will be of love and peace,all powerful and pure

I wait patiently for our time is near,yes patiently without fear

Mistakes I have made are in the past,for you I wait till it is right

I have said goodbye to my selfish life,now I give all I have learnt

I work alone and wait for you,so so special we will be
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
Waiting patiently yes, but my patients is limited,it would be so good to find that special someone.I am confidant we will all get there if we choose to let go of what ever holds us back.Lets go for unconditional love,its within us all.

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Comments (4)

love the utter simplicity of this beautiful expression
thank you.
Very sweet write; you must sense that your soul mate is near.
very lovely words..thumbs up
bouquet bouquet
Thank you for your kind comments,my lovely friends and cj I hope you are rightteddybear

Humbled Ken
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