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flight of hope

On the wings of
see ones life
begin to rise

Hope lies still
with faith beside
love will abide
jewels in a crown

Money lifts for a while
friends bring a smile also
lover or partner supporting
each plays a part

But should they fail
or just forget
always see it through
for you have you

on the runway
of your life
cleared for take off
taxi down now
gaining speed
buckle up
for the ride
of your life
rising high
to the land
of cloud
and sky

so fly in hope
with clouds of love
on wings of faith
all assisting you
and when we fly
then you or I
can touch
a sleeping star
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010

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Comments (2)

Hi, serpico12,
Without clear destination, I'm ready for take-off, arms reaching! Up, up and away! Thanks for the image of the star, waiting.
"Cleared for takeoff... fly in hope.. clouds of love" - This is wonderful!!thumbs up rose
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