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Painted Veil

My eyes are weary and swollen hidden beneath my black mascara
My heart dried out like desert in the sahara
Once again Im left here staring at my image in the mirror
Who is the shell of a women before me why cant I see her clearer
Pushing my hair behind my ears removing the trinkets you offered
Pearl earrings highlighted my face the parfum that made me feel softer
Stripping myself all the things that remind me that I am a woman
No call no show the pain creeps back in again
Ashamed to share my grief to stubburn share all my woes
Prepare myself to hear all the I told you so
How do you claim to love me from lips that only know how to lie
Do you enjoy as I suffer as you see each part of me die
Broken glass I struggle to reach you begging and pleading
You ignore all my efforts disregard the scars that are bleeding
What a picture perfect veil Ive created
Based upon a love that has only left me feeling jaded
The makeup has worn off my true self is in plain view
The one you threw away the one you never really knew
I trace the silhouette of image in this mirror in front of me
Close to eyes and my heart to what we use to be
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010

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what a poem missy,goodluck my dearybouquet thanks for sharingcomfort handshake
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