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Thanksgiving Blessings and love from Canada

God bless America the Queen and Mother Nature
The Earth Stars Galaxy waters and land
Different Countries Cultures Opportunities Adventures
The Melting Pot Harvest Of Gold
Presented to us to explore and behold
Parents Siblings Aunts Uncles Nieces Nephews
Grandparents great grand children babies and senior citizens
From here to eternity the cycle of life
Turkey Ham vegetables cranberry sauce wine and juice
Time to get together and celebrate
I am thankful for my health
Jobs friends music entertainment trailerhood
My eighty five year old parents still alive and kicking
My brother the scholar the poet the renaissance man
My sister the computer geek the Spock of the family
The conversations experiences shared moments stories of life
Last week I had this conversation with my parents
I apologized to them for all the wrong choices I have made
Certainly was not afraid to strike out on my own
I guess that is the learning process
My father said son get over it
My mother replied "Son you have grown, Certainly our destiny
is determined by the decisions we make, You are making the right
decisions now and I am proud of you"
I cried
Happy Thanksgiving to all
Blessings and love always
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
Thanksgiving again
Time to reflect
Be thankful for what we have
Blessings and love to all
New adventures and pleasant surprises for every one

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Comments (3)

I hope everybody has a good thanksgiving
Share something positive with your neighbour
or a stranger you meet
Say Hello to a new face a day
See where that gets you
Keep smiling always
Here we don't have thanksgiving day, your poem shows and express about Thanksgiving, now I know the meaning, thanks, nice poem wave
happy thanksgiving ironman - and may you have many more happy ones..bouquet bouquet
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