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The Dolphin,, Haiku

The dolphin swims in
turbulent seas,but just once
he longs to swim free.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
Not sure.. did I get it right?

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Comments (6)

Saw three dolphins jumin' in unison beween Fort Myers and Sanibel Island, Awesome! wine
Amazing.. wine but did I do it correctly the Haiku? lol teddybear
Gashly indeed got the cadence correct! and dolphins...the angels of the sea. made me smile, though a bit sadly. loved it! bouquet
trurorobonline today!
sad but nice QSF, yep as Gashly said 5-7-5 es todo correcto
Nice anyway, love anything with these wonderous creatures.
Beautiful, haiku, thank you for sharing..., for me it had many messages:

hope, love, endurance, freedom, peace..., etc... As an aside, interesting that you made the dolphin a 'he', would you care to grace us with your thoughts on why not a 'she'?
love and light...
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