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Sitting by my door
watching traffic past
thinking of cares
and what He said

cast your care on me
made me stop to think
how big are Gods shoulders
to carry peoples cares

not just one person
not one grain of sand
carries it all
like the sandy beach
on the shoulder
like a shawl

how does he do that
its a mystery
yet he invites
come to me
and cast your cares
as fishermen do nets
is not always easy

teach me how
to do this
sometimes i forget
i must do my part
in life
but cares you tell me too
cast them on you
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010

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Comments (8)

very nice write serpico, cast our cares into the sea and live a life given so free ;-)
most times, it's easier to carry them myself. i'm just sayin'. as usual, nice work, serpico!
thanks goodguy..thanks gashly..always your views and comments are
what a wonderful share of care serpico,,we do care too and always takecarewine
i tend to carry my own troubles, though they seem heavier than a grain of sand sometimes, but enjoyed the sentiment serpico, well versed, an intelligent thinking mind, methinks.
certainly for he cares for you!
Yes, my favorite Bible verse - 1 Peter 5:7 - He cares for you.
"...teach me how to do this, sometimes i forget" very nice poetry & words of wisdom thumbs up
thanks guys and gals..for your kind thoughts as always...cheers to you
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