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charitable giving

let's take off all our clothes
i can't deny that it might be taxing
to find ourselves in a new repose
an internal audit could be relaxing

to create an eternal charitable trust
i have on my person a beneficent donation
we'll fill each others forms with lust
on which to build a charitable foundation

give generations to come something inheritable
i've always wanted to be your altruist
we can show care and passion so charitable
to give of ourselves and in turn be kissed

my desire for you is to be philanthropic
it may not be heavenly but it sure is living
some pillow talk is always a hot topic
loving desire whispers our charitable giving

© agoodguy2have 2010-10-07
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
filed under health

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"filed under health"...laugh as the saying begins at home. goodguy, gives an entirely new meaning to 'give till it hurts'. ok then. right. fine piece of words!
Generosity in bed, as in all facets of life, is boon to both givers and receivers... Well said goodguy! beer
good Lord!hug
"we'll fill each others forms with lust
on which to build a charitable foundation"

great, Goodguy, just great..., it made me laugh...
I have a bag ready of things for my charity shoplaugh
Oh you nearly got me on that onerolling on the floor laughing great read
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