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Ocean laying calm,
Of windless balm,
Foaming, Gliding,
Skimming, Diving,
Speed in Concord,
Gravity defying!
Forever, flowing , Aura’d locks,
Ghostly folded golden light,
Emotion, vigour, life,
Shining bright,
Changing hue, yet truly spoke,
Through eyes, deep of purest blue.
Like, acoustic, amplified,
Simplified through depth,
Flick of tail,
Out of water leapt,
Beauty incarnate, in time, Pre-Dawn,
Not of mans story, through ages downlaid,
Of Supernature borne!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
second in supernature........"dreamweaver the poems".....Andrewxxx

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Comments (12)

andrew, you write of fantastic the way not many can...stories, vivid, in few words. can't wait to read the 3rd installment of this.
methinks, all women may be a form of mermaid, mystical in there moods, beyond the reasoning of men, lovely poem andrew.
Andrew you are definitely without a doubt- A Poet's Poet ! What and incredibly crafted poem ! Blessings, aware3wave
andrew, guess i missed the 1st and will have to backtrack more. I can see her on that distant shore...waving her tail ;-)
These are awesome! Here's to her! beer
Thankyou Gashly, pleased you like them, will post it later today......Andrew....xxxcool
iam a mermaid of my own dear,,tantalizing poem,,aaahh my imagination is working again,,i love itcheers applause
Here we go again Andrew I just promise myself to visit site less and out pops your writing, hooked again, brought a much needed grin thankyouteddybear
Thankyou Gotitall, you may be right in what you say.....Andrewcool
Hi Aware, It really is good to see you, where have you been hiding, it's been an awful long time, no matter, are you going to post some?....That would be good too......Andrew....xxxcool
Incredible vibration, beautiful, inspired by spirit maybe.
Hi, andrew149,
I spent this past weekend at the beach with Ocean laying calm...Shining bright, Changing hue. The house I rented was decorated with mermaid images and I could feel the presence of H'Luanah in the gentle breeze. Thanks for sharing your Supernature borne gifts with us.
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