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The Devil's In The Back Seat

The devil in the back seat,
Leans over and pays the toll,
With a coarse rasp whispers in my ear,
"OK kid….Let’s roll".
Pedal to the metal,
Black spinnin’ on black,
Man, I feel so alive,
Screamin tyres and billowin’ smoke,
Flip the switch,
The wind takes the lid,
Goin’ down Hells highway at ninety five.
“No worries ‘bout the boys in blue,
They’ll never catch you,
Not even if they get a chopper in the sky,
Faster…Don’t worry friend,
They’ll never take ya,
I won’t let 'em cos,
Now…I’m sittin’ in the back seat,
And…You’re one of mine!”
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
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Comments (12)

you scared me here sir,,,just a dream anyway,,you must be getting ready for the halloween i guessblushing conversing cheers
They just get better, now I know who is behind me nowlaugh
Wonderful, encoreteddybear
this kind of exciting - will end in tears!
bouquet bouquet bouquet
andrew, fantastic! seems everyone's roadtripping these days, eh? angels, devils, no's one hell of a ride! the boys in blue, the guys with the shades...can't detain that feeling of being alive. rock on!
Smokin' dream! Burnin' rubber on the highway to Hell! beer
Pleased you liked it
Nice one andrew, even the devil needs a thrill now and then, ill ask him to slow down, were good friends.devil
Going to slow speed up devil

Loved itteddybear
Very kind words Redex....thankyou....Andrew...xxxcool
Yep Ladybee......hahahahahaahdevil
come to Germany and you can be a speed demondevil laugh
Yeah! You're Rockin' Gashly......Thankyou.....Andrew.....xxxcool
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