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cruel cheater

Oh you confused little boy
who do you think is the silly toy?

You believe to convince
be my virtuous prince,

you ride my white steed
hallucinating on crazy weed!

I was cunningly fooled
over you stunningly drooled,

ideal monogamous faker
psychological ego shaker.

You have another female b*tch
whom you don't wanna switch,

but i am here, a gentle breeze
someone you can actually squeeze

yet it seems: you don't know
how to make a relationship grow.

I am far too fragile for this drama
didn't you learn from your mama?

Your experience is only age
twisting mind to furious rage,

I feel treated like a dummy
this is so not f*cking funny!

I don't want to play this game
and you should feel the same!

For you i am as good as it will be
are you so frightened blind to see?

Do you really want to be alone?
Am I an intrusion into your zone?

With you I feel safe and profound
as if the world is in sync and sound.

However I don't need to beg or compete
As there are many men who kiss my feet.

I am angry how low you eulogise
in fact I think you should apologise.

However credit must be noted
you have certainly made me devoted.

Thanks for what you've given
now, away have you me driven,

my pu**y is satisfied
officially classified

i am leaving, close to walking out
to keep me here, you must shout:

honestly, I want only you
truthfully, I need you

Try not to sway with other lies
only cowardly actions will arise.

Can you change do you dare?
In the slightest do you care?

You know it's worth our time
don't you like to hear my rhyme?

We don't know if it's forever
but not to try is all but clever.

You want to taste my sweet little mango
for that, it takes two to tango.

Now I can leave without being pained
You however will again be stained.

You have a choice to convince
want to be my virtuous prince?

And thus I am the only ornament
I hope this is your acknowledgment.

Through trial and error I know what I desire
the protecting soothing man is whom I require.

This is not a youthful naive delusion
rather my life's rational conclusion!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010

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bigworldtinygirl, let it all out tiny girl! rather than a conclusion, it may just be a beginning. a whole bunch of nice couplets up there, keep writing. ;-)
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