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heart for rent,

a souless fire burning cold
scorching frost away
a monster that dares grow bold
but flits just like a fey

and when it comes, boiling free
havock does ensue
what love is this you give to me?
its not what i gave to you

alone, unwept you cast aside
and the truth i must now face
all the cocodile tears that you've cried
made me your own heart's headcase

so i must be locked away
in a padded valentines room
stuffed with cards and young play
a card filled,joyous tomb

straightjacekts made of promise rings
and kisses full of fear
freedom the prison bird sings
but freedeom seems not to hear

how dare you mock me
and the blame is my own
was it i who messed around?
or was it just love that i have shown

was it love, is that true?
for that was my only sin
how dare i show affection to you
lock me up some where dark within

shame on me for ever thinking
one could aspire to kiss your shoe
i would have melted gold for drinking
if that meant i could be with you

the regrets i bear
they are so few
that i should care
and have loved you

the fact that holds now true
and of this i have no doubt
if ever i held a place in you
it was rented, and you kicked me out.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
found this in a box at home. from my first breakup

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