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I Weep In Silence

I weep In Silence

My tears fall to the floor
As I am falling, I cannot see
I lay in darkness I cannot move
I find myself surrounded by silence
I know I must get a hold of myself
However, for now my feelings are out of control
My heart has been shattered
However, I still lay in darkness
I cannot see the light
I feel a soft breeze brush up against my face
Who opened that door?
Where did that light come from?
I never noticed it before
Oh, look! It is my redeemer
Now I can breath
I am able to stand
I am able once again to reach God’s hand

Belinda Clark
Jan 12, 2009
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
For everyone who has ever had one of them days!

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Comments (9)

what a lovely piece of writing..from comfort in the spiritual..ever so beautifully written..the last line...says volumes.. i am able once again to reach God s hand..good work..thumbs up wave
Ethereallady yet you weep in silence no more, very good ;-)
Beautiful Poem!!!!


Thank you everyone for the wonderful compliments. I wrote this for my sister.angel
teddybear Very nice bouquet
once beautiful..a cool breeze of trust. A real faith.. cafetwo angel
feeling alone in the dark and weeping alone, is there any other such feeling of emptiness... sad flower
bouquet bouquet
Who opened that door?
Where did that light come from?
I never noticed it before

Lovely poem Ethereallady

A wonderful strong strength, you have...
to rise from the floor of tears

A delicate write, cloaked with your faith..

Uplifting and obviously heartfelt. Kudos! wine
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