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Don't give up

stretch your hand
for someone
when your blue
never stay afraid
never be alone
there are people
who would want
to reach for you

don't give in
don't give up
don't go under
hold on
or reach
for a friend
always someone
will be there
be it people
or God
someone will care

don't give up
you are too
valuable to lose
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010

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Comments (10)

what an inspirational encouragement to those people who are loosing their hopes and just thinking of giving up,wise words serpico,kudoswine
thanks always your comments are so kind..thumbs up
Already feeling better, good day at the nursing home, finally done with my holidays!!!!!!

Beautiful poem Serpico, as always..


thanks ginger..always value your views and
Great poem, u given me hope. Feel comfortable after reading your good work, put more on post. Thanks.
teddybear gift
niah9online today!
Lovely wording Serpico and necessary when we are feeling down...and can I say, spoken from the heart, they will warm many today and in the future.
Niah9wow bouquet
thanks kelly..and niah..for adding your kind words to
niah9online today!
I'm doing it again, bringing back a blast from the past...that flashed on the top bar...but there were a rush posted all at once, and many never got seen, so I'm resurrecting...forgive me, but it might help someone who's feeling down...such wise words...from Serpico....Niahcomfort
Thoughtful, encouraging poem... and valuable, as are you ...
all are too valuable to lose thumbs up
thanks for writing hug rose rose rose
hi niah and thanks for bringing this back to view, no need to ask forgiveness, you can do that anytime, and if you think it will help someone more the better...thank you for the compliments niah..

hi there scat..thanks dear lady for posting your kind thoughts..what an endorsement..thank you scat..
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