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How Many Times

How many times must I turn my cheek
To your hatefulness and your deciet
How many times must I give you my advice
When I too, am so weak
How many times must you try
To prove how much better you are than me
How many times have I dried
Your tears when you would weep
How many times will you say
That I'll never be happy in this life
How many times have I stopped you
From cutting your wrists with that knife
How many times will it take
I can't forever be there holding your hand
So how many more times til
You finally stand up for yourself and be a man
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010

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so heartfelt..beautiful

Gingerangel cheering
trurorobonline today!
true Dementia, everybody has to stand on their own feet at some stage in their life!
nor man or a woman,everyone have to learn how to move forward,,fall and rise again ,hurt to be strong,,face it we all have to stand on our own...powerful write demi,thankswine cheers
And the dilemma when to cut loose, handshake
the weariness is felt through the words, dementia. the line: how many times must you try to prove how much better you are than me...that's the one that cuts deep, i know that line all too well. sometimes, people just need a swift kick up the backside. good piece of prose. thanks for sharing.
Almost like an inner battle poem fighting oneself...I identify with this one dementia...thanks for the readdrinking
thank you all for your comments
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