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Listen, By Ladijj

Whispering unerring heart ~
~ Listen ~

Anthology untrammelled mind~
~ Express ~

Ravages tender innocent youth~
~ Remember ~

Ghoulish raptorial moments~
~ Forgive ~

Drawn deep within black nemesis~
~ Fight ~

Nefarious nature suffocates~
~ Evade ~

Sapient fortitude growth arose~
~ Complete ~

Illumination clarify's rebirth welcomed ~
~ Future ~

Ljj 9th Oct 2010
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
My pal Ladijj is unable to post herself at present, so I am simply doing this for her. I will copy and send any comments to her. Unfortunately, I am unable to copy her visual art. She sends her best wishes to all her friends here,

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Comments (7)

Deep, moving and spiritual, I really love this; It is questioning and answering at the same time; the structure is great also. Hoping you are soon feeling yourself once more,
Love CJ xxxxteddybear bouquet
this poem could almost be a direct result of many poems posted as of late, but nah, it's much deeper than that...i listened and heard. thank you for sharing, and thank you cj for posting! be well. bouquet
Uplifting and inspirational. Kudos LJJ! wine
a poem of a journey, from heart pain, to a future, the message is not lost, on the pilgrimage. hope to see you back soon, ladyjjbouquet
C.J. for J.J., staccato phrases of wise advice. "Sapient fortitude growth arose~
~ Complete ~ " good words for anyone...hello to J.J. ;-)
excellent words,,,kudoswine ,,pls.send my hug to ljj and to you too cj,,proud to have good people who stands w/their friends around,blessed both of youbouquet bouquet
concise and to the point... lovely words ladyjj, missed your elegance here..bouquet
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