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i hang my head and cry sometimes
thinking back i cant help it sometimes
scattered pieces of myself in sight
but I cant seem to pull the pieces together just right

echos of sorrow, memories of emptiness fill my mind
i learned to be disconnected, numb my cries
no one to look for me, alone every night
a struggle to hide the shame and pain from my eyes
so disconnected, i hide the truth with lies
lost my way, not knowing wrong from right
so many times i could have taken my life
but through Gods grace i'll pick up the pieces and let my light shine bright<3
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
A piece of me

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I truly know how you feel, like others have said to me... letting your thoughts out is wonderful.

Beautiful and heartfelt Poemwave

ScorpiesS, as ginger said, a well known feeling, welcome to the corner, write some more please. ;-)
as scattered as the pieces become, your strength will outlast the tiredness...start with one piece at a time, it's all we can do. keep shining, scorpiesS, and welcome.
Wow so open and beautiful, all I can say is the pieces will never fit the same, you are already changing. So wonderful is the journey to self awareness and love to from within. heart wings
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