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The Program

The bank has a computer.
The credit union too.
The government has a lot
Business has a slew.

The outside is not important
It's only what we see.
The value's on the inside
As it is with you and me.

To program a computer
Is an important task
It takes a skilled professional
No amateur is asked!

Computers have a VALUE
One we can weigh in cash.
When we pick THEIR programs
We choose quality, not trash.

Human beings are programmed too
The process starts pre birth.
What programming skills do we possess?
What is a child worth?

We may be smug as we relate
How we TOLD them to be.
Reality is, they listen last,
First of all they SEE.

Some of us don't KNOW ourselves.
From our fears and flaws we hide.
Our real program is based on truth
And our babies SEE INSIDE!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
I'd raised my kids as a single dad...introspection....

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