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Golden skin in arch, heel's mesh'd in warmth. Mattress succumb's to two handed hold. It's light in the dark she thinks as her thigh's quiver in wake. No end to the feel of the nerve that was hit in the midst of it all. An hour has past an fourty five minutes since you first touched my skin. Feet are in tight an hands grasp the edge. . . . your all mine tonight~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
Oh, an a wee bit a fun on a friday night lol. Was only a dream lol. Cheers all.

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Comments (6)

jon....very sensual touch
Ty christmas, as it was meant to feel that way in the read.
Nice tip hat angel
To dreams wine

They do come true wink

Lol Luvu yes a nice dream indeed eh :) ty for commenting.
ty Beautiful and to dreams as such that come true eh, cheers
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