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Church & State

The wearin' of the orange
Or the wearin' of the green
Neither one's for me.
There's not much in between.

The choice I make,
To you, may seem a little odd.
I'll be wearin' blue
For the glory of my God.

Not for me the priesthood,
Nor did I aspire to the bench
My Lord did not extract from me
A vow I wouldn't wench.

This God of mine gave me a gift.
The things I do I choose.
The rules are really simple.
If I lie to me, I lose.

I'm not surprised that Church and State
Have rules way more complex
Are they in bed together?
If so, it's not for sex.

The bond they share is authority,
They claim they're without fault.
That may be true, am I confused?
It feels like an assault!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
Irish....Yeh, the Old Fella loaded the family on a boat in 1850 on the tail end of the so called potato famine...Canada...

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'if i lie to me, i lose'. profundity in simplicity. and funny, i wear blue to the glory of my gods too...LET'S GO YANKEES! lol! sorry, just so thrilled they're still alive in the series. thanks for sharing, male11...i avoided the politics.
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