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You say you're a good parent
Though your daughter's on the street.
You paid for things, a roof and clothes
She never lacked for stuff to eat.

You ask, "How can she do this?"
To YOU , when you've given so much!
It's just not FAIR, ungrateful kid
Always cringing at your touch.

Of course you've had to beat her
Isn't that how all kids learn?
There wasn't time to talk to her
All that money you could earn!

She may be doing drugs you've heard
Where'd she learn that way to think?
Anyway you have to go
You're upset and NEED a drink.

There wasn't time to hug her
Or listen to her fears
When you did, she got a smack
She knew you can't stand tears!

It just doesn't seem to matter
How hard you work and try
Bad things still happen TO YOU
Now there's good cause to cry!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010

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uGH... A sad thing to read... but you wrote it so well.. and eloquently... Cheers!wine teddybear
Sad but true this story fits so many persons I know.........Thanks for sharing*
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