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He vs. She

He saw a sexy lady full of class
He wanted to get to know her more
She saw a rich guy with a full glass
And thought, "I can make him sucker for sure"

He thought I want her for my wife
She's got all I am looking for in a woman
She thought with him I'll be set for life
He doesn't know me poor, stupid man

He proposed marriage thinking she is it
She accepts knowing her plan had worked
He is happy he found his perfect fit
She is happy she no longer need to be a Clerk

He thought he had the perfect wedding day
She agreed with him for once in this drama
He knows his friends envied him in every way
She knows she is the queen bee here mama

His reality came hard, hot but too late
His wife is no longer the woman he dated
Her reality is just a she dreamt to date
With her spending power she was elated

He is unhappy, lonely and mad
She is happy, spending and rich
He works harder to keep away sad
She has more time to be a b*tch

All that glitters is not gold that I know
But it all depends on whose view you see
Bet she would not agree that the statement is so
But he would readily agrees with me
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
Look before you leap

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Comments (2)

thumbs up well said deary and splendid poem,sometimes due to outer looks and greediness,that mistakes always been realise but too latebouquet cheers
So true Jeddah that is why there is so many divorce across the world today
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