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shredded note
shredded chord
shredded strings
the guitar lord

shredded fret
shredded finger
shredded blues
high note linger

guitar wails
drums pound on
horns blasting
a brassy song

sweatin' lights
a Hammond whirl
melodic flights
the winds unfurl

base vibes low
threshold near
feel wave now
audible to ear

shredded tune
shredded times
soulful blue moon
the bloody lines

the decibels wall
a loud surround
singer above all
a wailing sound

keys hammered
piano harps on
audience clamors
to sway til dawn

a lasting noise
'til reach the end
loud cheers of joy
band starts again

© agoodguy2have 2010-10-19

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
think i'll file it under work...of art, been to a few eh Hedi? ;-)

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Comments (7)

don't know about hedi but i'll raise my devil horns proudly to the sky on this one, goodguy. rock the F on! laugh super cool write on a musical style worth musing on. i'm a well-rounded music junkie...shred, for when you need to feel the music on the inside of your skull. head banger
Was a sound man back in the day... This really brought it back, but just recently learned the term "shredding" and witnessed the technique at a local talent show. It was impressive but, guess I'm old fashioned, really prefer phrasing. Kudos! beer
what do you mean? I'm still parsin' out 'mrs. brown, you've got a lovely daughter' 'makes a bloke proud'
Hi, agoodguy2have,
From the guitar lord to the master of rhyme, your poem shreds music and we sway til dawn.
hee hee, whammy bar abuse....head banger i love guitar music from rock to classical it's just such a rich sound in the hands of a good guitarist. thumbs up
bouquet bouquet
"shredded tune
shredded times
soulful blue moon
the bloody lines"

how very unusual!!! nice write..., beautiful lines...
You show your talent with the versatility of your poems; I think maybe you are at your most passionate when you write about music.
My ears are ringing with this one.
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