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white moon

White moon
in morning sky
you see
daylight world

last night
different colour
yellow daffodil
evening hour

today pale
no color you
resting in
sky of blue

two lights in
the morning sky
one shines bright
the other shy

a stranger you are
to the daylight world
peeking to see
what we all do

just like a shift
worker you are
going from nights
sampling days

behind you the sun
with warming rays
two lights
in the morning sky
passing the world
and people by
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
looking at the moon this morning..

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Comments (7)

Very nice serpico..'peeking to see what we all do', quite different! cafe
thanks cafe..saw it this morning when feeding the birds..silent and still..appreciate the comments..thumbs up
Hi, serpico12,
No matter what color, the moon is magical imagination adrift in the heavens awaiting your poem to honor its pale but passionate light.
Thinking... I am "Moon-Struck"
I can vision it all!!! Lovely as always!!!!

yes gn it is night day..still and inspiring

ginger..always nice to meet a moonstruck woman..
then romantics always love the moonlight..
thanks for your nice comments..

thank you both
Love this! Every part... and esp. "...two lights... one shines bright, the other shy", "going from nights, sampling days" &...
I better stop before I quote the whole thing laugh
Great poetry! applause
thanks scatlyn..for your thoughtful
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