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I have learned much of you, but only scratching at the surface

The way you are intrigues me to know more

The way you are, outstanding

Our minds May think differently but I think our souls are the same

We walk and think and ponder

The things that makes us happy

We put up walls that stop people from seeing the real us

People in general that is

A life filled with built up walls and crumbling piles of rocks

Where life once stood now remains the Flak-Tower

Indestructible walls of concrete

And now I see the light

Ever so dim but there

Growing brighter by the day

We get drawn to some people

And shy away others

We are really learning each day

We strive for knowledge

And embrace it

With every fiber in our being

We express things in writings

That we cannot express to anyone

You may have to read into the words

To decipher their true meaning

My writing style is my own
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010

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Yes the writing style is certainly yours but reader reads his own way too and this is so true.handshake
Very nice Icp..

and this is divine
"Our minds May think differently but I think our souls are the same"

Ty for your offering

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