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People Come

As i sit here thinking
Of many things I've done
I see one things missing
The one to hold
I gaze into uncertainty
And people we meet in this life stays forever in our mind
Choices so many choices
I see many things in many ways
Questions to answers
I get life and live in the moment
I don't get mad
I just continue the search
Of a mind and a soul to connect to
That is the challenge
A challenge that may take a lifetime
Or find them tomorrow
Who knows what the future will bring
The future holds the key
And is not divulging its secrets easily

A journey throughout life
Finding is the key
Your true balance in life
When you find it you will know
Complexity, Intelligence, Compassion, But you have to dig a little deeper to get to the center

And I really like to dig

Good for the body and soul

A morbid mind sees many things in many ways,.... Not morbid just smart

Unconventional, I don't have a mold, I made it myself,
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010

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Comments (3)

just keep searching,who knows you will fine her around,keep that faith and hope,,goodluck and nice awesome poemcheers
And the mould was broke with this!! just a great readhandshake
just keep diggin'. not morbid, just sweating the future. dig it, icpfan.
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