A Nuptial Blessing!

May the good Lord bless you with happiness and grace.
Together as one, with a new and glorious life to face.
Friends we've been, for such a long time.
I wish you the most sacred life sublime.
If your journey through life may run amiss
Remember the vows you sealed with a kiss.
To each other always be truthful, honest, and kind.
And your love and friendship will never unwind.
Thank each other daily for each moment you share.
I promise, if done, no burnden will be too much to bear.
Always be patient and try to understand.
It's a big part of loving and that little gold band.
And on this day, as God wishes to see
These things I know because he brought faith to me.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2009
About this poem:
This I wrote several years ago for dear friends and gave framed as a wedding gift. It is still hanging in their foyer.

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ur freind should be proud of u for this sweet words , really nice share as always u do , thanks for u
Hi poet.. I love it.. I also make poetry plaques with my poetry.. and give them as gifts.. teddybear
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