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Hurled Words

Your words
like stormy pebbles
hurled at me
cross my other cheek
pierce my side
‘til no longer
a doubting Thomas
am I.

Darts fly.
Bleeding from
the wounds
hands, by nails
driven into flesh,
stuck in odd repose,
ask, Why?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010

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Comments (17)

gnj, as usual you can do in a mere 42 words what takes me many, many touch the reader and ask an important question. words hurled in anger are always dangerous, for both the word thrower and the one(s) they hit. it's nice to see you, not hurling poems, but posting. ;-)
agree with goodguy...few words, big impact. have sometimes regretted the moments of throwing syllables of daggers...sometimes. your words would cause pause, should i ever pick up a knife again. thank you, gnj, for your insight...always. bouquet
Its just like you not to hurt,bless your dear heart.Nice poem of "Hurled Words",but not hurled back,this is enough to prick the conscience.angel peace hug bouquet
Carefully chosen words served up gently have more impact than those hurled darts and pebbles. Kudos! wine
powerful write gnj4u,thanks for sharingwine bouquet
You don't have to say much to understand this one. You are always so gentle and kind even now. Thanks for sharing.
Hurled gentle words from you, all made clear teddybear
gnj4u, i agree with our fellow poets, few words - big inpact. hug angel
Hi, agoodguy2have, Gashly, paloma66, freeatlast64847, jeddah12, Pinkpoetress, Redex, and luvuluvme2,
Thank you for reading. Your words move me deeply.
gnj4u - many dimensions to this poem my friend. I think it will take me a while to absorb it all...thanks for sharing such a powerful piece :)
Hurled Words
by: gnj4u

Hello Gnj4u!

Your Title, could never be anything else!.
You wove this Title and write altogether brilliantly!

Every line has power strength sadness, running through a vein of humbleness, a very very exceptional write! my dear friend, then to close, you leave in its wake of this powerful scene, a question, of "Why"


Love Sophia
Just awed me, poetry, pure poetry, loved it, 'pierces' right to the kernel of the matter...
solid poem many areas to cover..full of thought and wisdom..thumbs up
Hi, jazzy75, sophiasummer, Earlgreytea, and serpico12,
Thank you! To have written something you consider worthy is a great honor.
"Stuck in odd repose"....I love the contemplation of this line G! Such a reflective piece! bouquet
Few words mean so much as these. Excellent write! wine
Hi, amahlala and RevWhiteWolf,
I am pleased you find meaning and an occasion to reflect. Thank you for your generous comments.
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